The Deer tick and American Dog tick are the most common types of insects that infest your home.

Soft ticks can transmit relapsing fever spirochetoses such as Borrelia Turicatae, Borrelia Parkeri and Borrelia Hermsii.

Hard ticks attach themselves to the skin of a host for long periods of time.

Tick treatment is a must because they can transmit human diseases such as relapsing fever, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, equine encephalitis, Colorado tick fever, and several forms of ehrlichiosis. As you can see, all of these types of ticks can spread disease.

What we do to get rid of them:

We require that if you have any pets that they be treated for ticks with frontline or havhart products. We do an outside lawn application with power sprayer. This treatment may require an service plan

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